Friday, March 20, 2009

Musings 3

Why is it that people are so forthcoming with negative criticism and cannot get themselves to speak about the good things?
Is it so difficult to show appreciation? My take on this is, if people talk about things which could have been done better, they sure can talk about things which went right. Not that I need to hear good things all the time, but it just goes to show the kind of person he/she is, who is reluctant to agree that something is good!


Sona said...

In my experience some people just have to speak negatively.. even about situation not so bad.. you know what I mean. Eternally negative they are. They are handled best by ignoring them!

Sanju said...

I believe the Pareto principle(80-20 rule) goes well here, if applied.

Worrying about the 20% who matter than about the 80% who don't matter makes a lot sense.

So chill maadi :)

Basavanagudi Mami said...

Ayyo Muser. Negativeaa varcholdrava negative aa ve ikkra. Forget it pa. Naange yella positive thevaa neriyaa per ikkro. Dont worry. Be Happy

The Muser said...

@ Sona, yep know what u mean :)
@ Sanju, 20% it is that we'll worry about :)

@ Mami, Welcome and romba thanks :)