Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ringing in the new year.

Its that time of the year again when the office is empty, people are busy planning parties, drawing up elaborate menus, planning to indulge in excesses and oh! listing out things for their resolutions.

There are two things which i will be doing differently this time. Not party or celebrate New Year and try and make a New Year Resolution. Better still stick to it! Both will be a first for me!

New Year somehow doesn't seem the same anymore. There isn't the excitement and enthusiasm to plan a party or be a part of the celebrating. Big Deal, its just another year, another day. What's the reason to party or celebrate? Before you think i am sounding depressed, let me just set the record straight :D I don't feel like New Year has to be ushered in loudly.I just feel like spending some quite time today.Maybe i am a little weird, maybe i have mellowed down or maybe i am plain lazy. :D

However, I am planning to have a New Year resolution this time.I was never a believer in this.But its more like a wish list! :D
Hey, this is as good a time as any to start something new or pick up from where you left off. There are two things on my resolutions list. The first one is to stay fit and lead a healthy lifestyle and the second is to start driving my car.The rest of the stuff i am pretty content with.

Here's to another year! Have a great 2009 folks!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


On the recent road trip that i went on, I made an amazing discovery! Its the Lonely Planet book. It has all kinds of information one needs when traveling to the unknown.
Its got everything from to places to see, restaurant listings, hotels and lodges listing with the telephone numbers. It also has these little tips about the best time to visit a particular place, what to look out for, what to give a miss etc.
My next visit to a bookstore i am definitely picking up a copy.
Yay to The Lonely Planet!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Conversations with Dee

This post may not be of interest to you unless you love kiddie talk.
If you still dont heed my warning ,go ahead and get bored!

My niece Disha is visiting us for a couple of months and its soooo much fun being around her. She is 3 months shy of turning two!I was apprehensive meeting her at the airport as she has never seen me in person before. ( The one week visit when she was 5 months old doesnt count!) She knows me only through the computer and through photographs..Boy! Was i delighted when she instantly recognized me and flashed a big grin at me :)

Some interesting conversations with Disha :D

What's your name?
Deeeesha! (She's slowly losing the American accent now and manages to say Disha!)

Me : Bruum yen ayithu? (What happened to the balloon?)
Disha : Bruum phoos.....
Me : Yaake phoos? (Why?)
Disha : Disha koootho (Disha sat on it!)

What's Disha eating?
shheal , doya bowl (cereal in her Dora bowl)
or kaanbeyy (Cranberry)
or something unintelligible!

What did Ravana do to Jatayu?
cut cut cut! (Ravana clips off Jatayu's wings in one of the episodes of Ramayana)

What does Disha watch on TV?
Namanana and Mahahaha (Ramayana and Mahabharatha)

What does amma say to Disha?
Iknnoooo! ("I know!" Thats what my sis says in response to Disha's babbling!)

Who is America's president?

I am having a great time with her! :D

Monday, December 1, 2008

Celebrating one year of wedded bliss :)

This post is over due by a couple of days. We were out celebrating our one year wedding anniversary. We did what both of us like doing best, lazing around in a quiet place. We spent a day at a homestay in Wayanad. Taking long naps, followed by sumptuous Kerala food was the order of the day. :) The walk amidst coffee plantations was sheer bliss. The only sounds we could hear were the birds chirping and the bees buzzing around. It was the perfect holiday.

Thanks so much sweetheart! :)