Thursday, December 23, 2010

2010 Round up

Looking back at my blog entry for 2010, i only seem to have stuck with one resolution of staying healthy and fit. I am happy to note that i tried to get a fair share of exercise and i didn't fall sick at all. We even ran the marathon this year :) That was a first and I hope to do it every year.

Looking back it has been a good year for me. It started off with a trip to Canada. Even though it was an official trip, i was very excited as it was my first one ever to any place on my own. It was nice to experience solitude and be on my own although at the end of one month i wanted to be back with K. I also got to visit my sis in the US :)

We did a fair bit of travelling and socialising. Not to mention lots of friends got hitched this year.

Workwise it has not been a great year. I did nothing earth shattering. It was mostly the same stuff that i have been doing for a while now.

This year, K and I were together for roughly 8 months! I dont like living apart one bit and the whole long distance relationship sucks! God knows how some people manage to do that for years together. I really appreciate the effort it takes for them to stay apart from their spouses or GFs/BFs.

2010 has been kind to me but i am really looking forward to the new year. Lots of exciting things in store am sure :)


Sanju said...

It sure will be a terrific new year :) HNY and thank you for the idea.. on my next post.

eyememyself said...

Yeah it will be a great 2011:) Good luck!

The Muser said...

Thanks guys! and looking forward to your post Sanju :)