Thursday, December 11, 2008

Conversations with Dee

This post may not be of interest to you unless you love kiddie talk.
If you still dont heed my warning ,go ahead and get bored!

My niece Disha is visiting us for a couple of months and its soooo much fun being around her. She is 3 months shy of turning two!I was apprehensive meeting her at the airport as she has never seen me in person before. ( The one week visit when she was 5 months old doesnt count!) She knows me only through the computer and through photographs..Boy! Was i delighted when she instantly recognized me and flashed a big grin at me :)

Some interesting conversations with Disha :D

What's your name?
Deeeesha! (She's slowly losing the American accent now and manages to say Disha!)

Me : Bruum yen ayithu? (What happened to the balloon?)
Disha : Bruum phoos.....
Me : Yaake phoos? (Why?)
Disha : Disha koootho (Disha sat on it!)

What's Disha eating?
shheal , doya bowl (cereal in her Dora bowl)
or kaanbeyy (Cranberry)
or something unintelligible!

What did Ravana do to Jatayu?
cut cut cut! (Ravana clips off Jatayu's wings in one of the episodes of Ramayana)

What does Disha watch on TV?
Namanana and Mahahaha (Ramayana and Mahabharatha)

What does amma say to Disha?
Iknnoooo! ("I know!" Thats what my sis says in response to Disha's babbling!)

Who is America's president?

I am having a great time with her! :D


eyememyself said...

shooo Shweeet:))

Sanju said...

I know... sounds superb :P