Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Marriages are made in heaven?

Cliched as the topic sounds, what made me blog about it was an email my sister sent me.
It was sent because my family went through a lot and was a lot apprehensive when i announced my intentions of getting married to K. This was at a time when the search for a groom for me by my family was intense and anything less than a traditional arranged marriage was unacceptable. Things finally fell into place and the rest as they say is history.

I thought the email was sweet and touching especially because she was my pillar of strength throughout the ordeal! Here goes the excerpt:

hey ...
wanted to share a cute li'l story with you guys.A friend of mine who is 45 yrs old lost her husband last year when he committed suicide coz they never got along well!!She tried really hard to make the marriage work, but could never satisfy him and I trust her when she says that because I ve known her for the past 4 years and she is an absolutely wonderful person.
Anyway, she is from Capetown South Africa and went back home for Christmas this year.There she meets this guy whom she knew since she was 6 years old and had not been in touch for 27 years.He apparently had never been married because he thought she was the love of his life and he was frustrated that he had lost her to some one else! So after 27 yrs and 1 dead husband, my friend finally hooked up with this guy and they had a beautiful beach side wedding with just the two of them and a priest at the ceremony.And the first thing she told me when she came back was that she had been looking for the ideal partner all her life when he had shown up in her life at the age of 6!!and so I told her, Marriages are surely made in heaven!!
Anyway, sounds like a movie story , but it's true! I kinda got reminded of S and K and how foolish it would have been for them to not have been together !!

This brought a smile to my face :)

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eyememyself said...

Awww..very nice to know that this is a true story:)
And also nice to read this when everything happening to you seems to be telling you just the opposite!