Monday, January 5, 2009


Here i first rant post! Actually the second one because i never posted the first rant. Sigh...never mind.
People I know, especially the women who have a lot of time on their hands for evil thoughts, go by physical appearance to decide the happiness quotient in a person's life.
A few days after an arduous 2-week trek in the Himalayas, when i came back happy,tanned and lighter by a few kilos, i met a relative who lives down the lane. Oblivious of my recent vacation and going by my weight loss, she wants to know, if i had some problems in my married life and whether i was being treated well!

Such busy bodies!!


Vijay said...

Ha ha.. nice our house in addition to my wife I get asked the question as well saying "So...arent you looking after your wife properly?"

The Muser said... husband gets to hear that quite often from my side of relatives!

eyememyself said...

hehe...I know it must be awful to hear all those comments but your post made me laugh:)

LAK said...

I think "it happens only in India" The way people say, "you've become weak!" when you lose some weight (after striving very hard). As for ill treatment, heard the one about the woman who says she's leaving her husband bec she's losing weight bec of mental cruelty? Then she says, as soon as I'm down by another 10 pounds, I'll leave him!

The Muser said...

@ LAK : thanks for dropping by :) Yes i think it happens only in India.

And looks like the woman is saving a lot of money by not investing in weight loss programs ;)