Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Writing prompt

Writing prompt # 4 from blogpourri

Rules: Take 10 minutes to write. Please time yourself. When you have finished writing, please leave a link to your response in the comments box. Have fun!

Prompt: Write about an ordinary, everyday event in your family's life. It could be something that your mother or father did every day - ironing clothes, cutting vegetables, doing puja. Or something one of your siblings did - washing the moped or scooter, perhaps. May be even something that all of you did together regularly.

This was not an everyday event but a Sunday morning ritual throughout my childhood. It was the only thing that prompted me to wake up early even on Sundays. Back then when it was a large family and a small house, we would sleep on mattresses spread on the living room floor. And without missing a single Sunday, my sis and I would wake up to the strains of the title track of Rangoli on Doordarshan. We would lie in bed and watch the program wide-eyed lest we miss a single moment of the 30 minute show. We would be thrilled to bits if they telecast songs from the latest movies. We would also tease dad to no end when his favorite actress, Hemamalini started hosting the show.
That half an hour would transport us to a technicolor world only to be brought back to reality once the program ended. It would only keep us wishing every day was Sunday.


Sujatha said...

Lovely memory! Thanks for sharing. Sunday mornings were meant for such eagerly awaited events, right?

Sona said...

Lovely indeed. I think this was a common ritual amongst many households in India during the 80's!
Very nice post:)