Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Just some things off the top of my head ...

Looks like i have run into a dry patch for blogging already..... so now i am planning to follow what all popular bloggers do when they have nothing interesting to write about! write about what they have been upto in their lives. Although i fail to see why some one would be interested in reading about what i have been upto, I am sure i will read it some years later ( if my blog still exists ) and thinking about how boring or interesting my life was a few years earlier!! The 2 or 3 readers i have will know i am still an active blogger :) that the rather lengthy disclaimer is over... i will get down to the actuals..

Firstly i had been crazy busy at work with some kind of an initiative that everyone had to work towards. It took ages to finish and took away most of my weekends too :(
And then I am in a top priority project for the schedules are quite hectic. so expecting a few more months of hectic schedules. But I suppose in these times i should be glad about having good work.

The house has been coming along quite nicely with most of the stuff put away where they are supposed to be. I am yet to tackle the curio cabinet which will house the crockery. I dont know what to do with the sheer amount of serving bowl sets we got as gifts. Combining the ones we got for our wedding it must be around 8-9 sets of serving bowls :P . Oh and the number of Ganeshas we got is enough to start one of those Ganesha collections. We got them in all sizes,shapes and colors. My MIL managed to give away a few of them and now she is feeling bad and thinks that it would offend Lord Ganesha and is planning to use some of the nicer ones around the house :)

After K and I realised that we have not been spending enough time together what with the house, office work and social commitments, we seem to be doing some fun things. Caught up on a lot of movies of all languages... I suffered through the movie "300" and gave it up half way as it was too gory! and poor K suffered through "sex and the city". Not sure what the hooplah was all about. I suppose one had to watch the entire series to know what the hype was all about.

K has an upcoming eye procedure this weekend. A little worried about that and hoping everything goes smoothly. Although it wont solve the condition, it will atleast prevent further progression of the condition. Keeping my fingers crossed!!

We joined a 12 session astronomy course at the planetarium. I was so hoping we would actually have live demonstrations inside the planetarium. Turns out that it is a series of lectures and the concluding session has a free show!
The lectures are very technical but it is fun. All the physics we studied in college are being talked about in the sessions. What was boring in college is now so interesting. It is so refreshing to go back to basic sciences than working on computer related stuff all the time.

A lot of introspection has been happening off late and as i understand people better, i am learning to tolerate people's quirkiness and look beyond it. Now that i know how certain people react, i dont waste my time thinking what i did or didn't do for them to react the way they did.

There has been this thing nagging me. Is it ok to be relieved/happy that some one from the group at work is quitting? We are supposed to be this close-knit group so not sure about how i should be feeling. I know i will be spared a lot of negativity in the group now! I dont have to worry about being judged harshly, or picking up arguements or generally putting up with the person's high and mighty attitude! :)

ok...i think i will get back to work now!

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eyememyself said...

:) All the best to K. Don't worry, it'll all be fine.