Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Get well soon sweetheart!

Its been a long day for us in the family and yet the one person who is at the center of it all is serene and patient. K just got his eye surgery done this morning and it is a big deal to me! Its scary to think about someone poking around one's eyes.
Surprisingly i was calm throughout the hour long surgery. Thanks to K's parents who deal with situations with practiced calmness. Be it a happy occasion or a tough one, their emotions don't go beyond a certain threshold! My family is diametrically opposite. We like to get our emotions out in the open. We get very excited when happy and freak out easily at small things :D

After the surgery was done, the doctor called me in for instructions. K seemed to be doing fine except for the huge bandage on his eye. And he seems to be following the doctor's advise to the T! Poor thing has been sitting with his eyes closed all day just listening to us talk. And he seems to be in considerable pain once the medication starts to wear off! And not once has he complained about it. I feel even more sad for him. Its tough to see him like this when he isn't usual self. :(
I wonder how one can have so much patience to be sitting all day idle with eyes closed. I know i wouldn't have coped with it, i would have complained and driven everyone around me crazy because of all the pain and boredom.

And nothing can make him miss watching cricket especially when India is playing. He is "listening" to the T20 practice matches. Thank god its Harsha Bhogle's commentary :D

It hopefully gets better when the bandage comes off tomorrow. But its going to be a trying week for him.


eyememyself said...

:) Ok I am shouting from here - Get well soon K!!!
Chill maadi madam - just like your hubby :)

Sanju said...

kkkkkkk......K. Get well soon, illi madam fullu ghaabri :)

The Muser said...

:D thanks guys!!