Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I will probably laugh at this later...but right now I am very very mad.

The conversations with people in my family(?) revolves around the same topic all the time.Yes I married someone of my choice, WITH my parent's approval .So what????
You, yes the lady who is my mom's close pal and a relative, that doesn't give you the right to remind my parent's about it every time. They have accepted it and moved on. But what is your problem? Why do you deliberately bring up that topic every time and indirectly tell them that they failed to get me suitably married off to someone of the same caste! And stop gloating that your daughter is getting an arranged marriage. Its not like a trophy that you won in a race against my mother. That doesn't make you or your daughter saintly. And if you really have a problem, talk to me about it. It is me you have a problem with, don't bother my parents or hurt them. I am responsible for my life and not them.

And you, the cousin stop being miss-two-goody-shoes. There is no halo around your head simply because you chose to marry someone your parents picked for you. I am leading a happy life ,thank you very much. And please move on with your life. I can only wish you the very best ahead! :)

And you, the cousin No.2 . Dont give me a once over and tell me "you have lost weight after marriage". Are you trying to say they dont give me enough food? Stop trying to beat about the bush. I know you want to say it out loud :P I almost laugh at your stupidity.

And you, the aunt in the first circle of relatives, i dont care you if refuse to touch the food at my house. You and your holiness i care a damn about. We dont feed crap to our guests. I am almost tempted to not even offer you a drop of water the next time!

And all you people giving me condescending looks, how many more years before you stop that? How different am I form you except for a bunch of rituals that you cant explain about. I have never been mean to you guys, so why dont you treat me the same?
And why do you bother my parents about it. They are perfectly happy, why dont you just let them be!!

Thank god for this blog that i can speak my mind out. I would never say this to your faces , because i can never act mean like you guys. I am better mannered and cultured and i thank my parents for that. I have enough sense not to point fingers at others and mind my own business.



Sanju said...

Though it doesn't call for any comments, I just wish to say I read it, and being frank Swa, remember maga's punchline in Manipal. Guess you just have to do it.

The Muser said...

I dont remember what it was exactly that maga said in Manipal :) I realised that putting things in the open made it even worse for me!guess its me who needs to move on :)

Maga said...

How can you forget that line : I don’t give a sssssssshit! :D
And boy I was jus imagining you say all this to those people!! Actually try doing that in your mind the next time you see them. You must feel better.
What losers! This holier-than-thou attitude of people is disgusting!

Sanju said...

Yea Swa, How can you forget it?

Btw, the line sounds good only when it comes from Maga :)

The Muser said...

he he!! yeah how could i forget that !! :D

Vijay said...

aaah.. relatives..we have some like that as well...